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Amy Pannell, daughter of Michael and Jan Gott, earned the right to be a mission coordinator as the result of a lifetime involved with her parents in evangelism and an educational background in international relations at Liberty University.


Today this wife and mother of two teenagers also heads up a nonprofit organization that focuses on drawing children and women into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Worldwide Women’s Witness came into being in 2006, and annually conducts evangelism events at children’s camps in Eastern Europe.  Amy’s responsibility at Michael Gott International since 2010 is largely planning and administration for major international events where thousands of people have heard the Gospel in Ukraine.  Amy was on the leadership team and was staff director for the Russian speaking volunteers on four evangelistic concert tours with the Singing Men of Texas. Presently she is filling the same role with the Master’Singers of Arkansas for a two week mission to Ukraine in April, 2014.  She has organized and spoken at women’s retreats in local churches. Her plans for the future include expanding her non-profit organization.Amy is married to Jim Pannell, who is a financial advisor, and they make their home in Corsicana, Texas. Their son Grant will graduate from Baylor University in 2018, and Lauren is about to complete high school. All are active in Michael Gott International.See Amy Pannell’s information at

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