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Jan believes that her first ministry is to stand beside Michael both when he works in the US and in ministry in the 35 countries where they have worked together.


Her other life passion is to recruit as many workers as possible for team ministry, and then to organize, equip and train them for effective team ministry in the 10 to 12 ministry events that she and Michael schedule per year.  Jan also leads the praise team and music which has a vital role in international ministry events.


She was born in Lubbock, Texas in the West Texas Panhandle. After marrying Michael in 1967, they moved to Scotland where he was studying theology at University of Edinburgh. Their daughter, Amy was born while they were in seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  They made their home for 20 years on a farm near Jacksonville in East Texas where Amy went to school.  When Amy went to Liberty University, Jan joined Michael in ministry full-time.  Michael and Jan relocated in 2002 to Keller, Texas near DFW Airport. Their daughter, Amy and husband Jim Pannell, have two children – Grant and Lauren.  Jan says, “It is a wonderful gift from the Lord to not only be proud of Amy and Jim and the children, but also to share a common life-purpose with them.” 


Past ministries for Jan include 17 years as children’s ministry team director for the European Baptist Assembly in Interlaken, Switzerland (1981-1997) Jan recruited the 60 teachers and organized the  5 day Bible school each summer for the 200 – 300 children who came from 11 European countries. She personally taught the children in an evening program using puppets and Bible stories – a favorite part of the event. Today, Jan has utilized past years of experience to expand Michael’s program into a well organized team ministry that registers and teaches over 5,000 young people and adults annually in 10-day evangelism events from Cuba to North Africa to Eastern Europe from 1991 to present.

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